That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.

things not to think about 

  • a jakeziyal Up au
  • the possible parallels to “The Visitor” 
  • the whole thing about how he lost his writing, his outside relationships, and he couldn’t ever move on ever???? why 
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You’re the only friend I’ve got.

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hatepig replied to your post: things i could plausibly work on and p…

have you considered: Jadzia in a Guinevere outfit and Kira as Lancelot so they can do it properly this time.

ya know thats a great point but look at this 

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Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley

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things i could plausibly work on and probably should work on: 

librarian au

gwaine practice for the fest

gross couples halloween costumes


things i am working on: ziyal in ugly christmas sweaters

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When radiologists take a selfie


Wait I’ve seen this

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I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats

Nevermind this is it

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If only every concept was explained with a Disney reference, I’d be doing even better in law school.

Me too. 


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Linus and Lucy

Vince Guaraldi


Song of the Day - Linus and Lucy

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night vale putting in casual nonbinary representation + using gender neutral pronouns


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The other reason for introducing Wilson so early in the film was that they wanted him to appear before any conspiracy elements started showing up, helping to show the character as trustworthy, allowing Rogers to seek his help in the middle of the movie.”

There were debates about whether Rogers should have a romance with Romanoff, but they opted not to do it because it would sell out both characters. In particular, they felt that if that happened, it would appear that the only reason to have Black Widow in the film was as a love interest, and there was so much more her character could offer the story.”

out of all the marvel affiliates i only truly trust the russo brothers

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agatharights said: I'd like to apologize for hatepig this is what happens when I let him off his leash and back into the Jadzira yard.

hatepig is evil EVIL 

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“People I’ve met, they’re… not like you. They don’t care. I don’t matter.”

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since i already reblogged a post about mel gonzales (pictured right), i didnt want to pass by mentioning scarlett lenh (pictured left), a trans girl who won homecoming queen at her high school in colorado

link to article

tpoc YES

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Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Popeye”. Get hyped.

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